Nobilero Devon Rex and Sphynx Cats  

Breeder of Devon Rex and Sphynx cats and kittens in Devon, England, UK.

Sphynx Health


This heart disease which affects the Left Ventricle, causing thickening of the muscle is rampant throughout many pedigree cats - individuals/lines/breeds.  Sphynx cats are affected heavily due to their small gene pool.  Inherited as a Dominant Autosomal gene, only one parent needs to have the gene for any offspring to suffer. 

Due to the varying effects in genetics of incomplete penetrance, late onset and variable expression (this site given simple explainations) the only preventative method we have at the moment is to scan cats every year.  This scan can confirm only on that day that the heart is showing no sign of HCM.  We are trying to raise funds to contribute to research into isolating the DNA responsible for HCM in Sphynx. 

All my cats, Devon Rex and Sphynx are scanned annually for any sign of cardiac insufficiency.  To date they are scanning clear


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