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Ruadh show results

Somerset Cat Club June 2009

Judge - Mrs. Helen Marriott-Power

1st and Best of BreedNobilero Ruadh Caoilfhoinn

Just four months old and of excellent size, very weighty and with a good firm feel to her. Head has short wedge with breadth developing, high cheek bones, strong muzzle, level bite and fair depth chin. In profile brow curves back to flat skull, fairly good stop, nose just a trifle long but straight, well defined whisker break. Ears are set low and wide apart, well covered in fur, large and wide at base, tapering to rounded tips with slight tufts and short ear muffs around base. Lovely ‘wicked’ expression to large oval shaped eyes, set wide apart and sloping towards outer edges of ears. Hard body medium in length, slender and with a well rounded chest. Slender neck and good slim legs but slightly large oval paws. Long, tapering tail well covered in fur with a light wave. Soft texture to fairly short, dense coat, well covered and even in length over body, well rippled along back and sides. Light wave down legs. Miniscule whiskers and a few hairs to eyebrows with a slight curl

Misc class - Mr. Cornish

1st HobsonKelly NOBILERO RUADH CAOILFHIONN 33a30ds Red Silver Spotted Tabby Devon Rex female born 20/01/09. A very nice cute Devon rex baby. Slightly rounded skull, medium wedge, lovely high cheek bones, fairly good stop, short broad muzzle, good whisker break, fairly firm chin, level bite, elegant neck, large ears, low set, wide apart, wide at base with rounded tips, some muffs and tufts, medium size, bluey green eyes with Devon expression, oval shaped and well set, medium, solid muscular body, broad chest, long limbs higher at rear, oval paws, good length tapered tail with pointed tip, good medium length, soft and fine coat, good density and rexed all over in tight waves, tummy covered in down, very good temperament and in very good condition.

Kernow Cat Club Show

Ruadh was made up to a Champion at this show. She beat the other Devon Rex there by also being awarded Best of Breed. This was made even better as the male and female entrants were also awarded their Grand Challenge Certificates. Well done little Ruadh.

Open Class Judge - Mrs. M. Kalal

1st Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed

Nobilero Ruadh Caoilfhionn

1 CC and BOB to HOBSON-KELLY NOBILERO RUADH CAOILFHIONN (33a30ds) 20.1.09. A pretty female with a firm lithe body, long fine legs with small oval paws, tail long tapering and well covered; ears large, tufted, wide at base and low set, broad short head with a flat skull, distinct stop to profile, rounded muzzle with whisker pinch, good chin and level bite; eyes large, well set and expressive, green colour. Coat silky and well developed with a well covered body showing even waves; excellent condition and beautifully presented

West Country Cat Club

Ruadh continues to follow in her mother and grandmothers footsteps by getting her 2nd Challenge Certificate at this show coming first out of 3 very nice girls.

Open Class Judge - Mrs. P. Wilding

1st and Challenge CertificateNobilero Ruadh Caoilfhionn

Hobson-Kelly's Nobilero Ruadh Caoilfhionn. Dainty, type and with lots of style. Good short head and good whisker break. Perhoaps a fraction more stop for absolute perfection, but perhaps I'm too fussy. Lovely neck, firm body, long legs and oval paws. Tail tapered and good length. Good coat texture and wavy.

The Supreme 2009

Different to every other GCCF show, the cats in competition here all have qualified by winning their class at other GCCF shows. It is the feline equivalent to Crufts and only the best cats are shown here. Ruadh was the youngest girl in the adult class of 5 and did us proud by winning the Challenge Certificate.

Pre-Champion Class - Judge Mrs. Shirley Bullock

1st and Challenge CertificateNobilero Ruadh Caoilfhionn

1st Ch. Hobson-Kelly’s NOBILERO RUADH CAOILFHIONN. 33a 30ds. A welldeveloped girl for her young age. A cheeky look. Enormous ears wide at base but needs a little more width between them. A little bold in the eyes. Shows slight nose stop. Strong chin. Well muscled strong body with slender neck. Busy legs. Good length tapered tail. Very good texture coat, well covered soft and showing rippling a fidgety girl, very inquisitive

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