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Our Irish Girls

Our Irish Wolfhounds

On 20th November our Medhbh, Pitlochry's Winsome Medhbh, at 02.20am was put to sleep to prevent further distress and pain.  Her old heart really tried so hard to keep her going, but after extensive treatment she was not responding and we decided to let her go.  No matter how much we wanted her to stay, we knew that our lovely old girl was exhausted and making her stay would hurt her.

Goodbye old girl, we miss you so very much.

This is a photo from 2003 of Pitlochrys Winsome Medhbh (Medhbh), Pitlochrys Webside (Orfhlaith) and Ann

A few months after losing Orfhlaith we decided to get another Wolfie.  Then we heard of a 7 month old bitch who needed a home due to her breeder being ill.  So - off to London for a few visits and we met Nelwyns Miss Abigail, a dark brindle girly who Medhbh tolerated - and so of course she came home with us along with a new name Ailbhe (Alva).


Ailbhe is a real clown and has almost healed the hole in Eoghan's heart caused by Orfhlaith's death.  She is a very athletic girl and a real hunter.  She catches rabbits, but then lets them go.  Unfortunately she does not like the grey squirrels that inhabit our woods and she catches and kills them with a quick flick of her head.  We are not fast enough to stop her doing this, but feel that she only catches those who are slowed down by illness.  Ailbhe has given Medhbh a reason to enjoy her walks again, although she is so ebullient that Medhbh is often seen giving Ann a look that tells us exactly what she thinks of this young, disrespectful whippersnapper.  If Orfhlaith was Eoghan's hearthound, then Ailbhe is his hiphound.  As soon as he comes in from work she attaches her head to his hip and stays there for about 30 minutes, until she is sure he will not leave


Unfortunately, on 7th August 2013 we had to have Ailbhe put to sleep after a short illness which we discovered was due to a tumor in her spleen which had infiltrated into her liver.  She was released from her pain in our living room by her second favourite man, Ulli, our lovely vet and very good friend.  Sleep well little girl, we all miss you so much.


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