Nobilero Devon Rex and Sphynx Cats  

Breeder of Devon Rex and Sphynx cats and kittens in Devon, England, UK.

Nobilero Devon Rex


NOBILERO DEVON REX AND SPHYNX is a small hobby home where exhibiting and breeding both Devon Rex and Sphynx to the highest of standards exists.  I try to breed kitten that adhere to the Standard of Points as stipulated by GCCF and is typical of both the Devon Rex and Sphynxs gorgeous outgoing personalities.  My kittens are born and live underfoot in our house until they move to their new forever homes.  We do enjoy showing our cats, but our main intention is to breed healthy, outgoing typy kittens

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Before you go any further in your search, be aware that neither Devon Rex nor Sphynx cats sit upon a window sill looking elegant or bored. They are seldom elegant and never bored (or boring) if they have you by their side. These cats sit on your shoulder or lie across the back of your neck to investigate and clean your ear. They lie in heaps in front of the fire or pile into the cat bed designed for one or two. They may sit upon a window cill when they cant start any mischief, but only to chatter excitedly at squirrels or other passersby.

My cats know that your bed is their bed, even on the stickiest summer night.  They prefer to wrap around your head, but will make do with a chest, stomach, between your legs or behind your knees.  Attempts to dislodge them will result in a swift remonstrating pat in the first instance, but a well disciplined owner is well known to be the favourite person for a Devon Rex and Sphynx

These breeds of cat never stroll, they move at a purposeful trot, particularly when food is about.  They are skilled food thieves who use their guile and charm to convince their human companions that the really are starving by chatting in a noisy chorus of mews, trills and chirrups.

If you are still interested in either of these mad and bad breed of cat, please continue, but beware, Devons and Sphynx are addictive.

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