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Breeder of Devon Rex and Sphynx cats and kittens in Devon, England, UK.

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GCCF United Kingdom Olympian Gold, Imperial Grand Champion Nobilero Ruaidhri Seainin

Red Tabby and White Sphynx

HCM 2015 no evidence of HCM



Jack, son of Caoimhe, is the current star of the Nobilero household.  Unbeated as a kitten, winning Best of Variety every time shown.  He is the first Sphynx to be awarded the Imperial Grand Champion title, the first Sphynx to be awarded the United Kingdom title and the first male Sphynx to be awarded Olympian Gold title. As well as his good looks, his temperament is outstanding, his sunny outgoing nature is always commented on by judges, breeders and visitors.  His favourite time is in the evening when we sit down and he can land his considerable bulk onto any available knee.

Argentum Klause
Red Burmese Colour Restriction on DNA swabbing
HCM 2015 no evidence of HCM

Lovely Ferdiah.  Not shown as we have been concentrating on Jack, but we hope he will be on the bench during 2016.  He is the father of Blanches' kittens.


GCCF Grand Champion Nobilero Raiclach Banrion
Odd- Eyed White Sphynx.  Hetrozygous Tabby.
CMS tested Clear February 2016
hr/hr on DNA swabbing
HCM 2015 no evidence of HCM


Blanche is following in her brothers footsteps as a very successful Sphynx.  She is not as outgoing as Jack, but has won her title in 6 shows.  She is currently on maternity leave with three youngsters, born on 27th February.  

TORTIE SMOKE DEVON REX carries Chocolate, Dilute and Point.
CMS tested clear February 2016
re/re on DNA swabbing

I had decided to stop breeding and showing Devon Rex after 34 years, enough is enough.  However, this little madam came along and changed my mind.  She is everything one wants in a Devon Rex, naughty, demanding, noisy, affectionate and loving.  What more can one ask for?
Hilda has been to stud and is currently pregnant with babies to the gorgeous Alfie.  As he is a Lilac, we can expect a rainbow of colours!!



Multiple GCCF Intermediate Certificate Winner

Chichi Caoimhe Nanobilero

Homozygous Tortie Tabby Sphynx

Caoimhe was my first Sphynx girl, bred by Sue Ahern of the well known Chichi prefix.  She excelled as a kitten, always winning her breed class.  She continued as an adult, becoming the first female Sphynx to win the required amounts of Intermediate Certificates to help the Sphynx progress to full Championship status in 201.  Caoimhe is now in honorable retirement following 8 clear HCM scans.














GCCF Grand Champion

Nobilero Dol Blathanna

Homozygous Tortie Tabby and White

Flora, daughter of Caoimhe, has been shown infrequently,but very successfully. Whilst not having quite the type or outgoing nature of Jack, her brother,  she quietly steals her way into the heart of judges and visitors alike.  Flora is now retired and living with her new doting family.





GCCF Champion

Nobilero Ruadh Caoilfhion

Red/Silver Tabby Devon Rex

We like to think that Ruadh is the gentle girl of the family.  She is Beag's daughter and whilst she has inherited her Daddy's temperament, not her mother's, she still has that Devon Rex naughtiness about her.  She did very well on the show bench, but then got bored with sitting in a pen all day - so I retired her pretty early as I dont show my cats if they dont enjoy it.Ruadh is now retired, supervising her daughter keeps her busy though.


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