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Leyla Show results

Scottish Rex Cat Club August 2009


Open Class   Judge Mrs. Lynda Ashmore 

Grand Champion Certificate,


Exquisite little Devon lady with super head held on slender neck. Short wedge with good width at cheeks. Some teeth missing. Very expressive clear blue eyes. Large well placed ears. Good body conformation and neat little feet. Lovely coat soft in texture and wellwaved. Perfectly presented in nice healthy condition.

Best of Breed, Best Devon Rex Adult, Best Devon Rex Exhibit and Best Overal Exhibit 












To see more photos of this fabulous show, visit here which takes you to the relevant page on the Scottish Rex Cat Club web site.


Somerset Cat Club June 2009

riginal Foreign Grand Champion Judge Mrs. P. Wilding

Reserve GrandChallenge Certificate  Champion Leyla Skywalker Degli Elfi (Imp)  


Res. HOBSON KELLYS CH LEYLA SKYWALKER DEGLI ELFI(IMP)(33a27etsx} Very typy indeed.Lovely short head,and high cheek bones.Good stop and whisker break.Large ears good shape and setting.Pale blue eyes and sweet expression.Well fed girl with long legs,oval paws and good tail.Coat looked a trifle patchy but covering well and well rexed with tiny crisp waves.

Kernow Cat Club April 2009

Original Foreign Grand Champion Judge Mrs. S. Bullock

Gr Ch. Hobson-Kelly’s CH LEYLA SKYWALKER DEGLI ELFI (Imp). 33a27etsx. A strong willed girl. Good solid body with slender neck. Good length tapering tail. Fine legs and rounded paws. Short wedge with large wide set ears quite low. Good cheeks. Has some nose stop. Level chin. Almond shaped eyes of pale blue colour. Extremely well covered with fine well rippled coat.

GrandChallenge Certificate and Best of BreedLeyla Skywalker Degli Elfi (Imp)                           

 Best of Breed: Judge Mrs. M Smith 

West Country Cat Club

Open Class   Judge Mr. P. Cornish

 1st Challenge Certificate and BoB :Leyla Skywalker Degli Elfi (Imp)                           

 1ST CC & BOB Hobson LEYLA SKYWALKER DEGLI ELFI (IMP) 33a27estx Silver Tortie Tabby with Darker Points female, born 15/05/05. A super typy girl with real large Devon ears, Nice flat skull, short wedge, nice high cheek bones, fairly deep stop, short broad muzzle, good whisker break, firm chin, level bite, elegant neck, good large ears, low set, wide apart, wide at base with rounded tips, medium size, pale blue eyes with good Devon expression, oval shaped and well set slanting towards ears, medium size , solid body, broad chest, long limbs higher at rear, oval paws, good length tapered tail with pointed tip, very short soft, fine coat, lacking some density on sides, rexed all over, tummy downy, very good temperament and in very good condition. Her coat has improved a lot since I last judged her and if this continues she should attain great awards.


West of England and South Wales Cat Society 2008

Open Class   Judge Mr. J. Hansson 

 1st Challenge Certificate and BoB :Leyla Skywalker Degli Elfi (Imp)                           


Scottish Rex Cat Club August 2006

An extremely friendly show with an enthusiastic band of committee, members and helpers.  Find more results here 

Open Class   Judge Mr. G. Gow  

 1st and Challenge Certificate: Leyla Skywalker Degli Elfi (Imp)                           

Miscellaneous Classes

Judge   Mr. G. Godfrey  

1st:Leyla Skywalker Degli Elfi 
 2nd: Gr. Ch. Peribrook Trevortoerag
 Judge  Mr. G. Godfrey

 1st: Leyla Skywalker Degli Elfi

 Judge Mrs. Marriott-Power 

 1st:Bountiful Loony Tune                                             
 2nd: Leyla Skywalker Degli Elfi
Short blunt wedge with high cheek bones, strong muzzle, level bite and medium depth chin. Well defined whisker break.  Short nose and good stop.  Brow curves back to flat skull.  Very large ears, very wide at base, almost a bit too flared out and just too large for her face.  Slight ear muffs and tiny tufts at tips.  Oval large eyes.  Slender neck and elegant body with good firm feel.  Proportionate slim legs and small oval paws.  Long tail, a trifle thick overall.  Very short coat, lacks density so showing only very slight waving. 

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