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Imperial Grand Champion Nobilero RuadhrinSeain

United Kingdom, Olympian Gold, Imperial Grand Champion Nobilero Ruaidhri Seainin

Our Jack. 

I had no intention of keeping a male kitten, but Jack had other ideas.  He was the smallest of the litter but very quickly made up the weight and charmed himself into my heart.  At 7 months he weighed over 5kg and brings sunshine into the life of everyone who meets him.

At his first show he won his kitten class and to my astonishment (although I know he is a bit of a stunner) he went on to be awarded Best Foreign Kitten.  Thanks to Open Class judge Mr. Phil Cornish and Best Foreign Judge Mrs. Val Anderson.

At The Wessex Cat Club Show,  he won his kitten class and to my delight was again awarded his second Best Foreign Kitten. Thanks to Open Class judge Mrs Val Kilby and Best Foreign kitten judge Mrs. Sandra Devereux.

I gave him a rest at our local show to allow his brother Nobilero Derfel Cadarn a chance - and yet again, a Nobilero kitten was awarded Best Foreign kitten.  Thanks to his Open and Best of Foreign kitten, Mr. John Hansson

Jack went to his third show at the age of just 7 months and won his kitten class and was awarded, yet again, Best Foreign kitten.  The little man went further at this show and was awarded Best Foreign Exhibit and was in the last 4 cats for Best in Show. Thanks to his Open class judge Mrs. Helen Marriott-Power, Best Foreign Kitten Mr. Phil Cornish and Best Foreign Exhibit Mrs. Betty Shingleton.  Mr. John Hansson judged Best in Show and kept Jack until the last 4 cats where he was eventually beaten by 2 Imperial Grand Champions and an Imperial Grand Premier.  Not bad for a 7 month old baby boy.

To say I was walking on clouds is an understatment.  Jack, of course, took everything in his stride, purring and making biscuits all day, charming the judges with his sunny disposition.

Jack concluded his kitten career by winning First, Best of Breed and Best Foreign kitten again, meaning that he was unbeaten at a kitten and left the kitten classes as

Shown 4 times, First every time, Best of Breed every time, Best Foreign kitten every time and Best Foreign Exhibit.

Jack has continued in his Adult career to wow his Judges by winning his Championship title in 3 shows becoming Champion Nobilero Ruaidhri Seainin at just over 1 year of age. He won all his Breed Classes and was placed in all side classes with the exception of one where the judge is well known for her dislike of the Sphynx - silly woman.

Jack became the first male Grand Champion Sphynx at the age of 19 months at the Bristol and District Cat Clbu Show.  Many thanks to all his judges and the group of people who have always supported my boy.

Jack is now the first Sphynx to be awarded the Imperial Grand Champion title.  He obtained this at 2 years and 2 weeks old.

Jack has continued winning so many shows.  He was the first Sphynx to be made up to United Kingdom Imperial Grand Champion and was the first male Sphynx to be awarded the highest title available under GCCF rules by becoming an Olympian Gold.  To achieve this, he had to compete against the most highly titled cats from all breeds and be considered to be the best at that show on 15 occasions.  My boy has never let me down and so he is now taking a well earned retirement except for occasional forays to shows where he will be on exhibition as a stunning example of the breed.

The video shows Jack cleaning Gytha, our Whippet..

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