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As with any interest, there are lots of questions that everyone asks.  Here are a few of the more common enquiries.  If you wish to ask anything else, please contact me - I dont usually bite!

A member of my family is allergic to ordinary cats, but a Devon or Sphynx would be okay as they dont have much fur - wouldn't it?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a cat that could not cause an allergic reaction.  My husband is allergic to cats and he is allergic to my Devons and particularly allergic to my Sphynx.  Most allergies are caused by a protein in the saliva of cats and this is deposited on the coat when they wash.  The best thing to do is to visit a Devon Rex or Sphynx only household for a few hours and for several occasions. 

The Facts about Allergens in Cats.

The true culprit that causes allergic symptoms in humans is a glyco-protein known as Fel d1 that is produced in the sebaceous glands of the skin, saliva, and urine of the cat. 

These glands are distributed throughout the cat?s epidermis, affecting all areas of the cat's fur (with increased numbers around the area of the neck).  Because cats are notorious groomers, after a grooming session the saliva dries on the cat's fur and mixes with dead skin cells (dander).  The tiny particles and affected dander becomes airborne and also rubs and falls off, landing on carpeting, furniture, drapes, etc. 

Once these flakes come in contact with humans, either on the skin or by inhalation, an allergic reaction for those that are sensitive to these allergens is triggered.  Symptoms come in many forms, ranging from red, itchy rashes, difficulty breathing, sneezing, watery, swollen and/or bloodshot eyes, a scratchy throat, and/or an itchy runny nose.

I will not sell a Devon Rex or Sphynx just because they do not trigger an allergy, these are demanding little cats and not everyone can cope with the love an affection they require.


Can Devon Rex and Sphynx go outside?

They can if you want them to be stolen or be roadkill.  But dont ask me to sell you one.

I work all day and live alone, but only want one kitten

In this situation, I would suggest either getting an older cat that has been proven not to get on with other cats, or invest in a stuffed toy.

Do Devon Rex shed hair?

Yes they do moult.  Nothing major but you will find whisps of hair in your bed (of course you will be sharing your bed with your cat), maybe a hair or two in your lunch - but nothing major

Do Sphynx need bathing a lot?

Well - I feel this depends on what you feed.  As my cats are fed on raw meat and wet food only, they do not appear to get the build up of oils and rubbish that you will find on a cat fed on biscuits.  Caoimhe needs bathing before a show and that is it.  Her nails and ears are cleaned when they need it, which is about once a month.

What age do your kittens leave home?

Sometime between 14 and 16 weeks of age.  Some people are put off by this, believing that the kitten needs to bond with them.  However, we are talking about the feline family here, not dogs with the pack mentality.  Kittens need to stay with their mom to learn the etiquette of living with a family of slaves at their beck and call.  They are also spayed/neutered if they are going as a pet along with the normal vaccinations, health checks and insurance.  You can find more information on the pages about health.

Why do they cost so much?

Well, the simple answer here is that they cost so much to rear.  I dont breed cats to make a profit - ask my bank manager - The Tax Inspector laughed at me when I had to provide accounts. 

A new owner of a Nobilero kitten is receiving the benefit of my 30 years breeding Devon Rex.  I provide my queens with the best food and the best environment possible to rear their kittens and this shows in the quality, both in looks and temperament, you get if you are lucky enough to get a kitten from me.

You can get kittens a little cheaper, but you could pay the cost at a later date. 

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