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Chichi Caoimhe Nanobilero



 Two very good friends, Sue Ahern and Gina Rymer helped me to get Caoimhe on January 2nd 2008 and she is my pride and joy. Skin like warm velvet, doesn't need bathing apart from on show days, has cleaner ears than most of my Devons and feet that are almost as tactile as any fingers could ever be. We love her totally and absolutely.

Caoimhe posing beautifully at her first show as a kitten.

Caoimhe was taken under the wing of my oldest girl Izzie who was 12 years old at the time.

As you can see from the photo on the right, she took her responsibilities seriously and was always available for cuddles and reassurance for Caoimhe. Sadly Izzie died in August 2008 and we all miss her lovely calming presence in the house.


Caoimhe is our lovely and much loved Tortie Tabby Sphynx girl.

Unfortunately, she is not the best mother in the feline world

She tends to try to hatch her kittens remniscent of a chicken rather than the nurturing cat I am used to with my Devon girls.

Caoimhe comes from lines of healthy long lived Sphynxes with little evidence of Hypertrophic Cardio Myopathy - which is extremely unusual in the Sphynx cat - so she is worth persisting with.

Luckily, our persistance paid of and on 4th October 2010, Caoimhe presented me with 6 fat healthy babies, that she absolutely adored.  Unfortunately, she had no milk initially, but after a few days of me keeping the kittens going with Goats milk and the kittens being able to suckle off mum, her milk came in.

This litter produced our Jack, Grand Champion Nobilero Ruadhri Seanin and Flora, Champion Nobilero Dol Blathanna.

Caoimhe was the first adult Sphynx cat to be awarded the 3 Intermediate Certificates required by the GCCF to establish the breed at Championship status.

She now has two Challenge Certificates and hopefully will, at some time, be trying for her third, however, she is currently at stud and we are hoping that we will soon receive confirmation of her pregnancy.

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