Nobilero Devon Rex and Sphynx Cats  

Breeder of Devon Rex and Sphynx cats and kittens in Devon, England, UK.

West of England and South Wales Cat Society

Open Class Judge - Mrs. Jean Clare

1st and Intermediate CertificateChichi Caoimhe Nanobilero

1st IC and BoB Hobson-Kelly's Chichi Caoimhe Nanobilero 84 20e Well grown excellent young female. Nice type, lovely expression, good profile. Muscular body, long legs and well formed paws. Long slim tapered tail. Lovely character.

Wiltshire and District Cat Club 2009

Open Class Judge: Mrs. Shirley Bullock

1st and Intermediate CertificateChichi Caoimhe Nanobilero

Open Class Judge - Mrs. S. Bullock

 1st IC BOB. Hobson-Kelly’s CHICHI CAOIMHE NANOBILERO. 84 20e. Quite nice mature girl. Medium length body, hard and muscular. Rounded chest. Slender neck. Long slender tail, slightly thick at the base. Oval dainty paws. Modified wedge with prominent cheek bones, good whisker break. Slight stop at bridge of nose. Large wide open ears. Quite large lemon shaped eyes. Covered with fine down showing tortie markings. Slightly more fur on ears.

Misc Class - Judge - Mrs. Rose

HOBSON-KELLY’S CHICHI CAOIMHE NANOBILERO (84 20e) Female 1 year 9 months. Rounded wedge shape to the head with prominent cheek bones and definite whisker break defining the prominent whisker pads. Strong muzzle, gently rounded, flat skull and brow. Nose is straight with a slight stop. Large ears, wide at the base, rounded tips, set on a slight slant at the base. Large, oval eyes set on a slant. Moderate size to the firmly muscled body, rounded chest. Slender legs with deep, oval paws. A superbly affectionate character, extrovert and enjoying the attention today.

Somerset Cat Club June 2009

Open Class Sphynx Intermediate Certificate - Judge Mr. Phil Cornish

1st and Intermediate CertificateChichi Caoimhe Nanobilero

1st & IC Hobson-Kelly CHICHI CAOMHE NANOBILERO 84 20e Tortie Tabby Sphynx female born 01/10/08. Good example of a Sphynx female, Modified wedge with rounded contours slightly longer than wide, lots of wrinkles over head and body, prominent cheek bones and whisker pads, fair whisker break, rounded top with flat forehead, slight nose break, fairly firm but shallow chin, level bite, large ears, wide open at base tapering to rounded tips, set at angle to head, large size lemon shaped, lemon coloured eyes, slightly slanted upwards, elegant medium hard muscular body, rounded chest, abdomen and rump, medium limbs higher at rear, oval thick padded paws, long toes, long slender tail, heavier at base, body totally naked and smooth down on body, tail and limbs, chamois like feel, very good temperament and condition

Misc class - Judge Mrs. Wilding

and stylish.Very good head,lovely ears and eyes.Firm body of good
length.Long legs,oval paws and long toes.Tapered tail.Lovely

South Western Counties Cat Club 2008

Sphynx Assessment - Judge Mr. P. Cornish

Merit AwardedChichi Caoimhe NaNobilero

Overall Impression: Nice big well fed girl.

Head inc. Ears: Modified wedge, rounded contours. longer than wide, prominent cheekbones, good whisker break, prominent whisker pads, rounded muzzle, slight stop, fairly firm chin, level bite, untidy teeth. Large wide ears, good set.

Eyes: Medium lemon shape, green eyes.

Body, inc. Legs & Feet: Medium body, hard muscular and well fed, rounded rump, long neck. Medium limbs, oval paws, cushioned.

Tail: Long and slender tail, good proportions.

Coat: Down on points and limbs, body naked, wrinkled chin and head.

Colour/Pattern Brown Tabby Tortie.

Temperament & Condition: Very good

General Remarks: Good type and fine example of a Sphynx.

Kernow Cat Club Show 5th April 2008

Sphynx Assessment - Judge Mrs. M. Kalal

Merit AwardedChichi Caoimhe NaNobilero

Overall impression: A very attractive young female with a charming temperament.

Head, inc. Ears: Large ears, wide at base with rounded tips balanced wedge, good cheeks, slight stop to profile, good chin and level bits.

Eyes: Large lemon shaped eyes, green with excellent expression.

Body, inc. Legs and Feet: Firm, hard body, long legs with oval paws, in proportion and very long, slender tail to balance.

Coat: Body has a peach-like texture with some slightly longer down on her mose, back of ears and tip of tail.

Colour/Pattern: Pattern shows black patched with red.

Temperament and Condition: Excellent

General Remarks: What a little sweetie!

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