Nobilero Devon Rex and Sphynx Cats  

Breeder of Devon Rex and Sphynx cats and kittens in Devon, England, UK.

Before you buy

Read this first

There are catteries coming into existence in the UK, Russia and the USA that are breeding high volumes of kittens, not in keeping with good, high standards of health and quality.  The Sphynx cat is a highly exploited breed.  Please do your research before committing to a kitten purchase from any breeder! 

Here at Nobilero,  I feel that health, temperament, and type, are the key issues to good reputable Sphynx breeders – not producing large quantities of Sphynx kittens to make quick, easy sales.  Health, being the prime issue and this  includes not only good feline husbandry on the part of the individual breeder, (keeping numbers of breeding cats low), but also gaining a knowledge of the genetics which make up each  cat used in a breeding program.

Please feel free to contact me for a chat about any aspects of purchasing a Sphynx kitten.  If I cannot help you, I have a network of good reputable breeders, one of whom will have an answer.

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