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Breeder of Devon Rex and Sphynx cats and kittens in Devon, England, UK.


Quotes Recently Bliss and Lilly joined my other three Devon Rex cats in our home, and what a joy they have been to have around, such wonderful Spynx kittens. I was so proud as you must have been Ann when Bliss's cage was covered in rosette's at Kernow Cat Club on Saturday. He picked up Best of Breed, Best Foreign Kitten, 1st, in his class, and another 1st. And, he just loved all the attention, purring away when he was picked up. This is all down to your hard work Ann, and this clearly showed on Saturday. You are a top Breeder of Spynx cats. Sandra Quotes
Sandra Holmes

Quotes it is a shame that cat breeders like ann dont have rosette's like the english tourist board or star rating like a michelin guide..........because ann would allways have a 5 star rating from me for help,information,service,kindness,humanity, hospitality, and is like cat heaven in devon, with very happy cats............after trying the rest come to ann....the best............(dont forget the cheque in the post for my advertiseing commission ann............jokeing!!!! ha ha ) Quotes
guy and brian
excellence rating

Quotes could everyone who has had one of Ann's kitten please spare a thought for Ann as she has brought them up from conseption to birth and now we get the fruits of her labours at the cost to her of a big hole in her life right now. from the bottom of my heart i think you are the most SELFLESS person i know and you and your kitten have brought so much joy Quotes
guy and brian
consideration for Ann's sadness

Quotes Ellie and Norah have settled into their new home really well given they had two big brothers to get to know. They are delightful little girls each very special in their own way. Norah is quieter and seeks out a lap or one of the boys to sleep on whenever she can, whereas Ellie is a law unto herself, very independent but also very loving. They both play happily together and also with the two Cornish Rex boys, it seems there is never a dull moment. Thank you for letting us have the girls Quotes
Marc and Lisa - Cornwall
Ellie and Norah

Quotes The kids arrived home on Sunday evening and the first thing they said when the came through the door was where are the babies? Not quite sure which one is besotted the most, if I have heard the girls once I have heard them a hundred times saying "oh mum they are so gorgeous, I can't believe they are ours to keep". I would just like to thank you Ann for allowing us to have Beags girls, they are absolutely adorable in their own special ways and I promise they will have the best of everything just like the other 2. Quotes
Susan - Edinburgh
Beibhinn and Blanche (Taisie)

Quotes Just to let you know that Archie has made himself completely at home. He is friends with pretty much everyone - in fact he's curled up asleep with Bill at the moment. He's eating well and zooming around the place like a complete loon. He?s been spending the nights with me and has now found a new way to wake me up in the morning - biting my nose! He is now almost totally in charge of the house , he certainly hasn't been at all fazed at finding himself in a houseful of Devons. Quotes
Abbi - Dorset

Quotes Today she was sleeping half night with me and I am very happy of that. Now she sleep with Emir Elf on her pillow from Your home. She likes this pillw and I happy that she has something from familly home. Do You remember I was afraid of her interactions with Adina. But she is more brave than her! really. Adina must pass and give in:) She has melt with all familly very well. It is very important to me. And I am so happy! She obviously came from a very good home to be so confident and happy. Quotes
Agnieska - Poland

Quotes Thankyou so much for allowing Aine to move to Cumbria and live with us. She is so gentle but lots of fun and cuddly all in one bundle of love. She is much better behaved than Boris was, we have had no breakages yet, but I would not like to speak too soon. Molly loves having a kitten but prefers her not to try to play with her tiny mice, unfortunately lots of mice bought for Pinky Porridge have now being adopted into the tiny mice family so it is rather confusing for a kitten! Pinky pretends she is a penguin or a mouse and blends in with the background at times, as you can see from the photos. Pinky Porridge has even made a guest appearance on the school white board. The others have being rather jealous and have hissed more than we can remember but Pinky has stood up to them and given as good as she has got then she stalks off and waits to ambush them round the next corner. This week we have had our first rex pile, so things are getting back to normal Quotes
Helen Martin and Molly - Cumbria
Aine - now known as Pinky

Quotes oh dear.... where do we start..........thank you so much for not only showing and allowing us to be sitting with the Sphinx family but the hospitality of you both was great, and so much i learned about the care of them i think i have the basic's but can you send me a haine's manual ha ha!! Quotes
guy and brian
the prospective foster parents of "tank"

Quotes I just wanted to say thank you so much for letting us come down to meet with you and the beautiful babies! I didn't think it was possible to be more in love with them than I already was but now we reeally really can't wait to get them home!!!! Quotes
Ruth and Debbie - Brighton
Grace and Ruby

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