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Ch Nobilero Deireadh Fomnair


Beag no longer lives with us, she now lives with Louise in Cornwall


Otherwise known as Beag - small in Gaelic - which is what she was at birth  

Beag was born four days early, the only kitten, surviving two bouts of labour as her mother passed the unviable babies she had conceived.  Beag had a traumatic birth with her mother running around the house shouting at the top of her considerable voice to 'get this out of me' in impecable Italian of course. 

I was travelling home from a hard night shift when I received a call from Eoghan - hands free of course - to say that Leyla had two feet stuck out of her - what should he do.  As Eoghan had never seen a kitten being born I was concerned, but as I arrived home he greeted me with a small pink and white scrap, barely breathing, laying in the palm of his hand. 

Years of breeding cats soon kicks in under these circumstances and Eoghan was dispatched to warm some water and make the milk, I rubbed the kitten in a roughwarmed towel, noting with concern the bruised condition of the kitten's back legs, due, no doubt, to the inordinate length of time the baby had taken to be born.  However, the resulting noise from the kitten soon interested Leyla, who had disappeared upstairs as soon as she deposited the kitten on the slate floor in the kitchen.  She watched with interest as I applied a few drops of Nutri-drop onto the tongue of the kitten, closely followed by a tube and 0.5ml of milk.  The resulting cacophany of noise obviously wakened her maternal instinct as Leyla then took over her nursing duties and never left the kitten for more than a few minutes to attend to food and toilet needs.

Beag aged 4 weeks, little did we know that little angel was going to turn into a typical Devon kitten - in other words a mad thing on four legs

Beag was initially a girl, then for 3 weeks a boy, then I finally decided that yes, she is a girl.  A much wanted and prayed for girl as she combines her mother's Italian breeding (from the famous Degli Elfi Devons from Trieste in Italy) with her father's American breeding.  Her full pedigree is available to view here 


The daugher of Leyla and PC, an American imported boy.  She has a unique pedigree in the United Kingdom, combining European and American lines.  Like her mum, she does not enjoy showing, prefering the comforts of home.  She made Champion in 4 shows despite this as her type is so very good.  At the Supreme, the CC was withheld as she was so naughty - but class told and she made Champion at her next attempt.


As a long time breeder of Devon Rex, I am only too aware of the difficulties of establishing the colours a cat may be carrying and the resultant anomolies.  Therefore, I DNA test all my cats and Beags' results are as follows:-


Feline Coat Color Results for Nobilero Deireadh Fomnair:
Colorpoint Restriction Result:
cb/cs - Darker Point - intermediate color between Burmese and Siamese
Brown Result:
B/b - Full color, carrier of brown (chocolate)
Dilute Result:
D/D - Full color. Cat does not have the dilute allele.
Briefly this means that underneath that white coat, Beag is a Brown Tortie Darker point carrying chocolate.  She does not carry the gene which would produce Blue, Creams or any other dilute colours but she will produce red kittens as she is a Tortie herself.



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